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Digestive Disorders & Mental and Emotional Stress


How people deal with stress has a huge impact on their health and their happiness.

The Emotional Brain Training (EBT) method is based on how the human brain reacts physiologically to stress. It is based on science.

You start EBT by learning how to identify your level of stress at any moment. Next you learn effective brain-based tools to replace your previous method of processing stress.

The brain learns from repetition - and from copying thought patterns of those who are around us.

As a Licensed Health Professional I have completed both my personal work and a year of rigorous professional training in EBT.

I offer you individual or a group learning environment so that you can see results more rapidly.

I strongly believe that everyone in the world can benefit from more effectively processing the stresses of life.

In fact, I believe that stress is one of the biggest threats to the health of each of us – as well as to the future of humanity.

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