Nutrition to Support Your Healing Journey

Functional Nutrition

Functional nutrition

Meal planning utilizing whole foods

Here's What You Can Expect:

  • Your first appointment at Austin Functional Nutrition is a time of very extensive information gathering and teaching.
    As a functional nutrition practitioner , I am looking at root causes of these conditions, by analyzing:
    Familial history, birth  context and childhood memories of diet digestion and elimination, history and environment in which the signs and symptoms arose, presence of any other signs , symptoms, diagnosis and medication, factors that cause symptoms to flare and interventions that have helped you now and in the past. Using this system , I capture details specific to you and allows me to see what is really going on. In some instances, I like to refer and share client care with other functional medicine practitioners like MD's, DC's, acupuncturists to name a few.
    Your story, goals, fears and expectations will be the guide to start personalizing a nutrition protocol that will respect your bio individuality . This will take approximately 1.5 hrs and will be followed by a nutrition plan or roadmap to get you started on the road to healing. At an additional cost you will also receive access to a HIPAA compliant web based portal through which clients can access individualized digital nutrition plans, including recipes, menu planner, diary and food lists filtered  to the exact needs of each patient .
  • If you do not wish to use the online nutrition platform, personalized menu planning is available at an additional cost.
  • Call & Connect- Schedule a complimentary 15 minute call to review goals and needs
    • Initial Assessment  (1 -1 1/2 hours ) in person,  or by TeleHealth
    • Follow Up visit  (30 minutes)
    • Follow Up visit ( 1 hr) 
    • Menu planning   
    • MRT/LEAP Food Sensitivity testing  package includes initial consultation, MRT test ,            meal plan and 2 (30 minute)    follow up visits.
    • GAPS Programs
    • Initial  assessment  (1 1/2 hours)  in person,  or by TeleHealth
    • Follow  up GAPS email 
    • (Email program is started after initial GAPS appointment and is for a 3-week period of time. Through this email program, Adriana will offer you individualized attention and walk you through the GAPS program in order to ensure your success).
    • Cooking with GAPS... ( cooking basics for the 6 stages of the intro to GAPS protocol)
    • Corporate wellness workshops and cooking demos
    • Pantry Makeover
    • Supermarket Tour
    • Yoga therapy (private and semi private sessions)
    • Specialized Lab Tests not limited to the following  (upon request or recommendation):

    GI Comprehensive Stool Analysis, Organic Acids, Micronutrient , Several Food Sensitivity/Food Allergy Profiles, NeuroTransmitter ,and Endocrine Profiles ,  Weight Management Profiles ,Immune Profiles, Hormone Profiles.