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1. First and foremost I always recommend going to local farmer’s markets and supporting local farmers. Doing so supports the local economy, the working class, small scale farms, and it gets you the most nutrient dense food available. If you can grow your own food, that’s great too, but I know that’s not possible for everyone. Check out and put your zip code in the top search bar. You can search for farms, farmer’s markets and more. Go there and support your local farmers. If you can’t find anything near you using localharvest, try this site –

2. Try To make bone broth at home, they have a package with 45 chicken feet and 2 chickens you can try to get here. It’s almost always sold out though so you have to be put on their notification list. They also have beef bones and premade stock here.

3. You can also become a member to and get their grassfed and pasture raised animal products. Tropical traditions makes the highest quality coconut oil available.

4. For seafood, there’s

5. I buy my beef at the local farmer's markets, has high quality grass-fed and grass finished beef products you can buy as well.

6. Wholefoods , Central Market, Wheatsville or other health food stores is always an option if you don’t want to order from the interwebs.


Collagen is absolutely amazing. It’s a complete protein loaded with glycine, an amino acid necessary for detoxification and skin health. Forget protein powders. Just use this instead. It’s way better. Throw it in your shakes or smoothies. Add it to your bone broth.



Usually , I make my sauerkraut . Most of the large Austin supermarkets and farmer's markets carry fermented veggies , but this company makes some great stuff. also has a fermented papaya available if you want to switch it up from the standard kraut.


Always buy organic. Tropical traditions uses old school methods to produce their gold-label coconut oil.


The people over at have been perfecting olive oil for over a century. From start to finish, they control every step of the process, from growing their olives to bottling the oil.


“But I thought salt was bad for you?” Yes, the deodorized, bleached, processed, refined, mineral-stripped substance of sodium chloride, also known as “table salt,” is bad for you. But just like everything else, it’s the quality that matters here. The salt from John and Geordie over at Salt Revolution is the highest quality and best tasting salt around. I tried a sample and then bought 6 bags of this stuff it was so good. Get it here – FYI, I don’t think that Celtic Sea Salt or Pink Himilayan Salt is bad, but Aztec Salt is so much better.


I give you the real milk finder.


What you put on your skin is just as important as what you eat. That’s because everything that we put on our skin gets absorbed into our body, gets circulated throughout our bloodstream, and needs to be detoxified through our liver. With the average woman putting over 200 chemicals on her face every day, many of which are carcinogenic, it’s important to make the switch to all natural, organic products that are actually free of the damaging parabens, phthalates and other toxic chemicals routinely added to even so-called organic products. I like to turn to the experts when it comes to skincare.

1. Annmarie Gianni’s line

2. Trina Felber’s Primallifeorganics





7. www. (I use their deodorants)

8. (made with lard)

9. (Texas cosmetics company,) love their mascara

You can use the bodywash offered by some of the above mentioned companies. I use Dr. Bronners.

Dr. Bronner’s magic soaps


F.lux – An amazing program you download for free that helps your circadian rhythm. It turns your computer screen from a blue light to an orange light when it gets dark. This mimics the natural wavelength of light throughout the day and can help us sleep better.

Orange tinted glasses – If we’re using lights or electronic devices after the sun goes down, it simply isn’t natural. Yes, it’s completely common, but it’s not natural to the way we lived for all of human existence before electricity. Getting our circadian rhythm back to a normal, healthy place is fundamental in our healing journey. Since we’re probably not going to turn off all the lights after dark or give up our computers or cell phones after the sun goes down, we can use orange-tinted glasses to block out the blue light from the electronics. This will help restore normal melatonin levels and aid in sleep quality. Wear these for a few days after the sun goes down and be amazed at the improvement in your sleep.

Blackout curtains – The best way to sleep is in a dark and cold room. If there is light coming through your window or from any electronics, cover that up and you’ll get better sleep. Blackout curtains are great for darkening the room when going to bed.




Alen BreatheSmart HEPA Air Purifier – I use an Alen and enjoy it.

Pelican water filter – This is the shower filter I use. We absorb more chemicals through our shower water than any other source. Having a shower filter is more important than having a filter for our drinking water and yet most people have it backwards!

Wave Enviro 10 Stage Water Filter System – I used this when I was in college and now I use a really nice under-the-sink water filtration system.

Ditch your Brita water pitcher, it does not filter fluoride, instead check out the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher at (An Austin based company)



Vitamix – This is hands down the best blender ever made. I’ve had mine for 8 years now and it still runs as good as the day I bought it. I have a Vitamix, a Blendtec, a Magicbullet/Nutribullet, used to have a hamilton beach and other blenders as well. The vitamix performs better than all of them. If you don’t have a vitamix, I cannot encourage you enough to get one. They are worth every penny. If I had to keep only one appliance it would be my vitamix.

All-clad pots and pans – Very high quality stainless steal pots and pans. I use these every day.

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet – Sometimes you want to use a cast iron skillet. Just like the high quality stainless steal pans, if you take care of this it can last you a lifetime.

Chef’s knife – An absolute necessity for any kitchen.

Cutting boards – You want 2 cutting boards. One for meat products and one for everything else. They should be large and have an indent around the peripheral to catch any liquid.

There will be more recommendations to come!

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