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Customer Testimonials

"I have had the pleasure of working with Adriana in a formal setting. She was a speaker at our church on several occasions. She agreed to invitations by our health ministry team to speak at different times on different topics. She was able to address diet and how it affects seasonal affective disorder. Since we live in Alaska, that is something that can impact many during winter's days of little sunlight. Her talk was pertinent with very practical information and good suggestions. She taught of the importance of good nutrition and which foods are better to eat to prevent depression. 

Another time she talked about portion control and eating organic. She pointed out food preparation tips that helped maintain vitamins and nutrition in the food. 

Adriana was our instructor for "Prayer for the Mind and Body". It was a weekly class in stretching and adapting yoga poses with Christian prayer and meditation. She was very knowledgable in helping the participants adapt each position to accommodate their personal physical limitations. She knows how the body works and how to use certain poses to help different muscle groups and body systems. For example, she could tell someone with a thyroid condition what poses were good to help the thyroid. Or she could help someone with knee issues to avoid activities or stretches that could harm the knee. " 
Carol Szopa RN
Parish Nurse, Anchorage,Alaska